Monday 14 March 2022


A short film produced for #2Brubbish residency, Meeting Between Spaces, Middlesborough, February 2022. Supported by 2B Middlesbrough, Arts Council England, Climate Action Middlesbrough and Ubuntu Multicultural Centre


Sweet wrapper.

No use for it.


Exhibit #0691


To hold pills - drug containers.

I ate them all.

Almost as bad as my skin.

Exhibit #0690


We went swimming and me needed drinks so we bought them.

Don't need it any more.

A bit useless. Although could be useful for someone else.

Exhibiit #0689


Bus ticket.

No longer valid.

2 adult and 1 child ticket.

Exhibit #0688


Wrapper for convenient food.


Exhibit #0687


Enhancing my figure.

It served its purpose.

Satisfying as an oeurs d'oeuvres.