Sunday 16 September 2012

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish at Abandoned At The Exit, Lincoln

Abandoned At The Exit
Wednesday 19 September 2012
Revival, Sincil Street, Lincoln, UK

Exhibiting artists: Ehud Lavski, Alice Bradshaw, Laura Wilson, Sonya Barnett, Mel Langton.

Reel-4 artists to include David Blandy, Doug Fishbone, Aislinn Richie, Nathan Baxter, Thomas Went, JONAS BJERRE. Curated by Thomas Cuthbertson, and Peter Rollings' Experimental Sonic Machines

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish's Lincoln Collection consists of exhibits #0644-0650.

Exhibit #0643

Exhibit #0642

Exhibit #0641

Exhibit #0640

Exhibit #0639

Exhibit #0638

Exhibit #0637

Exhibit #0636

Exhibit #0635

The Art Takeaway! Oxford Collection

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish participated in The Art Takeaway! at Tsangs Kitchen, Oxford in June 2012.

The Art Takeaway! is an interactive production where audience members choose from a menu of original art. A distinctive selection of art pieces have been created by a wide variety of artists. Each work fits in a takeaway box and audience members who elect to take part in the performance go home with their piece of art at the end of the evening.

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish provided a staff badge, museum gloves and a bin liner and outlined the following pledge: "By ordering this item off the menu the participant becomes a temporary member of Museum staff and pledges to collect rubbish throughout the event." Katrin took up the challenge acquired the Oxford Collection (#0635-0643).

Exhibit #0634

Exhibit #0633

Exhibit #0632

Exhibit #0631

Exhibit #0630

Exhibit #0629

Exhibit #0628

Exhibit #0627

Exhibit #0626

Exhibit #0625

Exhibit #0624

Exhibit #0623

Exhibit #0622

Exhibit #0621

Exhibit #0620

Exhibit #0619

Exhibit #0618

Exhibit #0617

Exhibit #0616

Brighton Collection at TRASH Art Exhibition

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish participated in the TRASH Art Exhibition as part of the TRASH Postgraduate Conference at the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex. The Brighton Collection is items #0616-0634
A selection of items from the Museum Collections displayed alongside the 2011 video Rubbish.
MoCR also undertook video interviews with 10 donors of rubbish to the Museum.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Trash Conference 2012

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish is participating in Trash Art Evening at The Basement (Kensington Street, Brighton) as part of the TRASH Postgraduate Conference at the University of Sussex

There will be an exhibition of selected items from the Collections and a new video acquisition booth where visitors will be invited to donate an item to the Museum and answer a few questions about it on camera as part of a new strand of research into rubbish.

Alice will also be presenting a 20 minute paper on the Museum at the conference.

TRASH Art Evening
Thursday 13th Sept 2012
The Basement, 24 Kensington Street, BN1 4AJ

The TRASH art event on Thursday 13th September will bring together photography, interactive exhibitions, film, pictures and projections in an atmospheric exhibition space to examine and challenge the concept of TRASH.
As well as the exhibition space, the bar area will allow for further discussion and debate about the concept of TRASH.

Exhibitors: Arpad Boczen, Alice Bradshaw, Johanna Bramli, Francisco Calafate-Faria, Michael Ezban, Thamyres VM, Loren McCarthy, Ben Parry, Owen Parry

TRASH Conference
Friday 14th Sept 2012
Silverstone building, Falmer Campus, University of Sussex, BN1 9RG

Keynote: Tracey Potts - Your Own Personal Landfill: Stuff, Matter and the Myth of Eco-decluttering

Parallel Panels 1:

Bel Deering - Mortal Remains: the perils, pitfalls and pleasures of studying rubbish in a graveyard setting
Amy  Carson - The deconstruction of menstruation – with a focus on the ‘feminine-hygiene’ culture in the West
Chris Lloyd - Hurricane Katrina and the South’s disposable (trashy) bodies

Will Viney - Eliot’s Exhalations
James MacDowell - So Bad it’s Good: Value, Intention, and the Aesthetics of Ironic Appreciation
Munira Cheema -Assessing the power of Trash TV in Pakistani television culture

Parallel Panels 2:

Alice Bradshaw - The Museum of Contemporary Rubbish
Natacha Chevalier - When waste was trash: The thrifty 30s and 40s
Jeannie Driver - From SPIKE IT to HARD GRAPH: The Waste Remains

Sarah Carney - ‘Sometimes a tampon in a banana skin is just a tampon in a banana skin’— Don DeLillo: keeping trash trash because beauty is truth and truth is death
Simon Hobbs - Antichrist as the Culturally Schizophrenic Artefact
Owen Parry - Performing Refuse/Refusing Performance

Panel 3: (Re)making the Metropolis
Francisco Calafate-Faria - The ‘Museum of Rubbish’ in Curitiba: Short-Cycling or Line of Flight?
Arpad Boczen - Sweet Urban Stink in our Ears, Advanced School of Architecture, Budapest
Claire Reddleman - “Modern and contemporary route-finding”: reactivating dead labour as spheres of appearance in ‘Pennine Street 2012
Michael Ezban - The Trash Heap of History

Saturday 4 August 2012

Rubbish screening at Garage Show 2: Fast & Dirty, Edmonton, Canada

Garage Show 2: a fast & dirty exhibition

25 & 26 August 2012
10626 & 10615 71 Avenue, Edmonton, Canada

 For Garage Show 2, fast & dirty will be exhibiting paintings within one residential garage and a screening of video art, short films, and animation in the backyard of a second house across the street.The exhibition will also be open during the following afternoon with a screening of the video program within the same garage as the painting exhibition.

Painting Exhibition: Curated by Jennifer Rae Forsyth: Tim Rechner, Nomi Stricker, Claire Uhlick, Hope Well.

Performance: Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy, Raylene Campbell.

Video Screening: Curated by Kristen Hutchinson: Loren Albrecht, Sharlene Bamboat, James Birkbeck,Alice Bradshaw, David Browne, Andrew Buszchak, Goatsilk (Ben Bloch & Caroline Peters), Josh Hite, Ashley Huot, Kevin Jesuino, Gabrielle Pare, Scott Portingale, Jenny Swim.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish in Melbourne

The Melbourne City Guide: The Thousands

Chris Rainier, ‘((space echo))’ and Alice Bradshaw, ‘Museum of Contemporary Rubbish’ exhibition openings 

Screen Space, 30 Guildford Lane, Melbourne 

by Thomas Blatchford

Two new shows opening at Screen Space, one completely sublime, and the other completely rubbish. But purposefully, you understand. The first, in the main gallery, is by Chris Rainier, the sound artist and sonic experimentator whose idea of heavy metal is looping the heck out of a lap steel guitar (ah, God’s own instrument). ((space echo)), however, will also feature a 16mm film of a Space Echo, which presumably refers to a Roland RE-201, but could also be an actual sound reflection from the depths of the unknown universe, I suppose. You know what these multimedia types are like. This exhibit runs until May 5.

The other exhibit is Alice Bradshaw’s photographic catalogue of shite, The Museum of Contemporary Rubbish. As a collector and cataloguer of discarded objects, Bradshaw has done more routing in bins than News International and wants to show you what she’s found. You can think of it as a critique of modern art if you like – that what you’re looking at might as well be out of a bin – but it’s nicer to think of it as the ultimate upcycling show. By putting this junk on display, MoCR demonstrates that every banana skin, broken pen, used johnny and yellowing receipt has a story behind it worth pondering. The collection is on display until May 26 – postcards available in the gift ship.  

Rubbish (2011) from Alice Bradshaw on Vimeo.