Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trash Conference 2012

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish is participating in Trash Art Evening at The Basement (Kensington Street, Brighton) as part of the TRASH Postgraduate Conference at the University of Sussex

There will be an exhibition of selected items from the Collections and a new video acquisition booth where visitors will be invited to donate an item to the Museum and answer a few questions about it on camera as part of a new strand of research into rubbish.

Alice will also be presenting a 20 minute paper on the Museum at the conference.

TRASH Art Evening
Thursday 13th Sept 2012
The Basement, 24 Kensington Street, BN1 4AJ

The TRASH art event on Thursday 13th September will bring together photography, interactive exhibitions, film, pictures and projections in an atmospheric exhibition space to examine and challenge the concept of TRASH.
As well as the exhibition space, the bar area will allow for further discussion and debate about the concept of TRASH.

Exhibitors: Arpad Boczen, Alice Bradshaw, Johanna Bramli, Francisco Calafate-Faria, Michael Ezban, Thamyres VM, Loren McCarthy, Ben Parry, Owen Parry

TRASH Conference
Friday 14th Sept 2012
Silverstone building, Falmer Campus, University of Sussex, BN1 9RG

Keynote: Tracey Potts - Your Own Personal Landfill: Stuff, Matter and the Myth of Eco-decluttering

Parallel Panels 1:

Bel Deering - Mortal Remains: the perils, pitfalls and pleasures of studying rubbish in a graveyard setting
Amy  Carson - The deconstruction of menstruation – with a focus on the ‘feminine-hygiene’ culture in the West
Chris Lloyd - Hurricane Katrina and the South’s disposable (trashy) bodies

Will Viney - Eliot’s Exhalations
James MacDowell - So Bad it’s Good: Value, Intention, and the Aesthetics of Ironic Appreciation
Munira Cheema -Assessing the power of Trash TV in Pakistani television culture

Parallel Panels 2:

Alice Bradshaw - The Museum of Contemporary Rubbish
Natacha Chevalier - When waste was trash: The thrifty 30s and 40s
Jeannie Driver - From SPIKE IT to HARD GRAPH: The Waste Remains

Sarah Carney - ‘Sometimes a tampon in a banana skin is just a tampon in a banana skin’— Don DeLillo: keeping trash trash because beauty is truth and truth is death
Simon Hobbs - Antichrist as the Culturally Schizophrenic Artefact
Owen Parry - Performing Refuse/Refusing Performance

Panel 3: (Re)making the Metropolis
Francisco Calafate-Faria - The ‘Museum of Rubbish’ in Curitiba: Short-Cycling or Line of Flight?
Arpad Boczen - Sweet Urban Stink in our Ears, Advanced School of Architecture, Budapest
Claire Reddleman - “Modern and contemporary route-finding”: reactivating dead labour as spheres of appearance in ‘Pennine Street 2012
Michael Ezban - The Trash Heap of History


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