Monday 14 March 2022


A short film produced for #2Brubbish residency, Meeting Between Spaces, Middlesborough, February 2022. Supported by 2B Middlesbrough, Arts Council England, Climate Action Middlesbrough and Ubuntu Multicultural Centre


Sweet wrapper.

No use for it.


Exhibit #0691


To hold pills - drug containers.

I ate them all.

Almost as bad as my skin.

Exhibit #0690


We went swimming and me needed drinks so we bought them.

Don't need it any more.

A bit useless. Although could be useful for someone else.

Exhibiit #0689


Bus ticket.

No longer valid.

2 adult and 1 child ticket.

Exhibit #0688


Wrapper for convenient food.


Exhibit #0687


Enhancing my figure.

It served its purpose.

Satisfying as an oeurs d'oeuvres.

Exhibit #0686


Caffeine top up.

Basic and utilitarian. It does the job and promotes a brand. Not eye popping.

Exhibit #0685


Snack on the road

Colourful and eye-catching, satisfying to look at.

Exhibit #0684


We came last in a quiz. There's more to it, I have a photo.

It all holds a lot of bad thoughts and colours the way I see Valentines Day.

Wooden spoon with a sad face with 2020 on the back. Black bow and scrumpled photo of cut out ex.

Exhibit #0683


Drink for a 2 year old.

Nutritionally full, bottle empty.

An over priced bottle of orange juice with a straw poked through the lid to avoid orange rain.

Exhibiit #0682


Holds extra ear buds for my earphones.

Changed earphones to a new upgrade, these accessories don't fit.

Black and red round pod with a zip. Hard on the outside, hollow in the middle with a snug of earphone covers.

Exhibit #0681



Emptied all the pages out.

A black notepad for use on my project "Tyranny of Shoulds". I ripped all the pages out to allow people to give feedback.

Exhibit #0680


Part of a set of toys my children had.

Reminder of the transition of TV to replace the wait forBambi showing once a year, to search a play any time.

Small brown cute depiction of a deer. Disneyfied and forced proportioned for maximum impact on the awww sense.

Exhibit #0679


Shavings from sharpening eleven pencils.

I have no use for them.

A pile of textures, although some pointy edges, the mound seems soft. There are flashes of black and yellow like a warning coming together. Woody.

Exhibit #0678


Demonstration piece

Designed to be recycled as the demonstration is over

Clay from Commondale transformed into casting slip, used in demonstration by Chris Suttie, broken to present the interior exterior.