Sunday 31 October 2021

Talking Rubbish with Jan

Talking Rubbish: A series of podcasts produced for #2Brubbish residency, Meeting Between Spaces, Middlesborough, October 2021

Saturday 30 October 2021

Exhibit #0677


PLA offcuts and misprints from 3D printing at the Teeside Hackspace.

They can be recycled back into usable wire but we don't have the kit for that.

Exhibit #0676


Poster for an untitled exhibition.

I was writing on the back of it, making a note of graffiti I found, not any of the stuff that anybody with talent does, just the things that somebody writes at a bus stop.

This was my checklist to make sure I had them all for the show I was making.

Exhibit #0675

Floor paint for painting.

Co-opted to make paintings for my solo exhibition with it.

It's rock hard.

Exhibit #0674

Sweets to eat.

Accidentally dropped on the floor and in her shoe.

Rainbow sweets.

Exhibit #0673


Clothes peg.

Used for an arts project that was a great thing to be part of but if we held on to it it'll get in the way.

It's thingness carries way more thought than needs to be carried around.

Exhibit #0672


Reduced sticker to communicate prices.

From a space we took over that wasn't ours and not needed - a shoe shop.

Now I've just thought  of a use for it but there's more of these in the space.

Exhibit #0671


This was used for gardening in an alley greening project.

It's a loose end / cut off.

It's a piece of string - part of a lovely time together with my community.

Exhibit #0670


A party popper.


From a party where we celebrated something beautiful and cathartic to finish it off.

Exhibit #0669


Fixings for a project we were going to do in an abandoned unit.

They were going to hold up something that we're not doing any more.

Being able to let go of something we never did. 

They're wall hooks and screws.

Exhibit #0668

Supermarket catalogue.

I didn't want it.

It's a catalogue from Aldi.

Exhibit #0667

Part of a dead plant.

It's dead.

Dead leaf off a plant I've just bought.

Exhibit #0666



Receipts from my shopping bag.

Exhibit #0665


A disposable camera. One of the artists was giving them out to people to take photos.

He's taken the film out, it's a one use thing.

Black plastic disposable camera.

Exhibit #0664

 Promotional material for the Middlesbrough Art Weekender.

Stuck together after drinks have been spilt on them plus the event has finished.

Little A5 booklet.

Exhibit #0663


A vessel for containing vodka.

No longer has vodka.

A big glass bottle.

Exhibit #0662


A map for a previous art exhibition,

An old exhibition that's been taken down.

An A3 piece of paper torn and struck together.

Exhibit #0661


Packaging from art work delivered to Pineapple Black.

We can't use it any more.

It's a scrumpled up ball of tape and paper.

Exhibit #0660


It hydrated me.

There's no water left in it.

It was refreshing.

Exhibit #0659


These tell me how much I've spent in the shop.

I don't them.

They're informative.

Exhibit #0658


Tickets to see Boss Baby 2.

I don't need them and don't want to throw them away.

They're memories - to remind me never to see that movie again.

Exhibit #0657

For blowing my nose on.

I've blown my nose on it enough.

It's 2 ply Co-op's finest, utilitarian function, hard on the nose.

Exhibit #0656


You asked me?

I generally take them home and recycle them.

Exhibit #0655


Protect me from Covid.

Going a bit thin.

Necessary evil.

I hate wearing them.

Stops me from seeing and hearing.

Exhibit #0654


Recycled match box that Jane decorated,to fill back up with matches and the matches used to light a candle on the special table.

It's broken now and the matches are in my pocket.

Functionally bust.

Worn out.

Tired of being in my pocket.

Nudged and shoved from side to side.

Friday 29 October 2021

29/10/21 2B Residency

Found composition, Gresham
Amazing conversation with Jan today, podcast pending!
Thank you Teeside Hackspace! The Museum is now in curatorship of some excellent PLA misprints... more TBA
Teeside Hackspace and their holding space for not quite rubbish yet
An accident at 2B gallery turned into a Museum acquisition turned into a print, results to follow
Miranda based at 2B ran a cardboard sculpture workshop today and here are the remains with a book found in a nearby shop in Hillstreet Shopping Centre where 2B is located.
A #rubbishconversation with another Hillstreet Shopping Centre artist resulted in this donation and podcast to be released.
Adrian at 2B's display, from the rubbish we collected and his prints
Adrian's prints from today, from the rubbish the Museum acquired.

28/10/21 2B Residency

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish on tour from Huddersfield Railway Station with another one of the curator's projects, Dwell Time
Based at Victoria Square, taking donations for the Museum.
One of the items donated with the print Adrian workshopped.
Donation in action.
A Museum Donor with his print workshopped by Adrian.
2B's awesome volunteer Eby printing some of the Museum's donations.

Tuesday 26 October 2021

The Museum has begun work as artist in residence at 2B Middlesbrough.

This Thursday The Museum is outside Middlesbrough Library, collecting Middlesbrough's finest rubbish and rubbish stories. Then Friday, The Museum is at 2B running a drawing workshop from our collected collective rubbish, all part of Blueprint Festival.

Bring your rubbish, come talk rubbish, come draw rubbish. 

2B Collection R&D