Saturday 4 August 2012

Rubbish screening at Garage Show 2: Fast & Dirty, Edmonton, Canada

Garage Show 2: a fast & dirty exhibition

25 & 26 August 2012
10626 & 10615 71 Avenue, Edmonton, Canada

 For Garage Show 2, fast & dirty will be exhibiting paintings within one residential garage and a screening of video art, short films, and animation in the backyard of a second house across the street.The exhibition will also be open during the following afternoon with a screening of the video program within the same garage as the painting exhibition.

Painting Exhibition: Curated by Jennifer Rae Forsyth: Tim Rechner, Nomi Stricker, Claire Uhlick, Hope Well.

Performance: Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy, Raylene Campbell.

Video Screening: Curated by Kristen Hutchinson: Loren Albrecht, Sharlene Bamboat, James Birkbeck,Alice Bradshaw, David Browne, Andrew Buszchak, Goatsilk (Ben Bloch & Caroline Peters), Josh Hite, Ashley Huot, Kevin Jesuino, Gabrielle Pare, Scott Portingale, Jenny Swim.